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Cambridge Eye Trust is a charity dedicated to supporting research, education and patient care initiatives to improve the management of eye diseases. We welcome grant applications from Cambridge University or Addenbrooke's Hospital associated UK-based clinical or research teams who have a common interest in ophthalmology and are looking for single, early phase, part- or full-funding of a project up to a value of £15,000. 

Cambridge Eye Trust Small Grants  (up to £15,000) are designed to fund projects focusing on innovation in the management of eye disease. Innovation projects may be early pre-Patent product innovation, process innovation, person innovation or a mixture of all three. The principle aim is to provide funding for the initial stages of the journey from an idea to a successful intervention that improves the lives of our patients with eye diseases. Small project funding is often more difficult to obtain than funding for massive projects, but all innovations in healthcare have to start with an idea, and without support these ideas cannot blossom into the life changing interventions that Cambridge eye research has achieved in the past and continues to achieve now.


  • The Funding Panel for Cambridge Eye Trust's Small Grants sits in January and June of each year.

  • Funding Applications can be made at any time up to December 31st for the January meeting and May 31st for the June meeting. 

  • The Funding Panel will review all applications received and shortlist a maximum of 2 projects for external expert input. Applicants with be notified by the end of January and June respectively as to whether their application will be taken to stage 2 review. Note that Cambridge Eye Trust does not provide grants to support full or partial payments towards salary, therefore applications should only be submitted to Cambridge Eye Trust for project based initiatives.

  • Successful applicants will be notified within 3-months of the result.

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