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Our areas of funding - education

We feel passionate about the education of Ophthalmologists and the sharing of knowledge about this medical field. With your assistance we can support specific educational projects which include:  

Cambridge Ophthalmic Simulation Centre

Over the past few years there has been a rapid increase in the number of simulation based models for technical skills training in ophthalmology and a growing consensus about which procedures should be practised in a simulation based environment prior to working with patients. There is a growing body of research which suggests that simulation can contribute to a reduction in real world complications for patients. Simulation of visual impairment can also potentially enable greater empathy for our visually impaired patients.

The pandemic temporarily stopped surgical training and has reduced the number of theatre sessions where training can occur. This has left many of us rusty and out of practice and has highlighted the importance of a space to maintain and develop surgical skills. Support from the Cambridge Eye Trust (CET) has allowed the department to equip a new simulation centre for targeted surgical practice. Thanks to the CET we now have three WIFI enabled stereo microscopes to practice microsurgical techniques, practice eyes for retinoscopy and indirect laser and a set of simulation specs which will enable trainees to quickly understand the difficulties faced by people with sight problems when they visit our clinic.

These complement the Eyesi® virtual reality cataract simulator which the CET previously helped the department to acquire. The trainees are already queuing up to use the EYESI. They have have organised a booking system, a naming and logo competition for the simulation facility, an online logbook to monitor its use and are coming up with innovative ways to build practice and simulation into to their training. The donation from the CET has helped to kick-start this development. The Estates department are now planning to upgrade the room to create a first class space to house ophthalmic simulation training for the region’s trainees and to help with the comeback from Covid-19. 

New Simulation Centre 1.png
New Simulation Centre 2.png
Cambridge Ophthalmological Symposium
We have been facilitating the Cambridge Ophthalmological Symposium since 1970. The meeting is now a well established, internationally significant event. It attracts a worldwide audience who discuss and debate the most recent innovations in ophthalmology. Bursaries are offered each year to 2+ doctors who would not otherwise been able to participate.  The next Symposium will take place 5 - 6 September 2024, St John's College, Cambridge. 
Addenbrooke's Cataract training

With grants from the Cambridge Eye Trust, Health Education England and Addenbrooke’s Postgraduate Medical Centre, this £100,000 addition to the Ophthalmology training equipment is already being used to help the ophthalmology consultants of the future to hone their surgical skills.

Cataract surgery is incredibly intricate and requires the use of both hands, both feet and both eyes simultaneously. Training ophthalmologists to achieve the required levels of dexterity has been a challenge. The EyeSi simulator very realistically allows training surgeons to learn all the steps of cataract surgery, improve their dexterity and achieve a high level of competence before they start in the operating theatre. There is now good evidence that surgeons trained on the EyeSi make faster progress in their training and become better and safer surgeons much more quickly. Established eye surgeons are using the simulator to develop their techniques and many training courses are planned over the coming years.

Peter Watson International Scholarship (PWIS)

ARVO SciComm Training Fellows Tasneem Khatib and Craig Pearson, along with the University of Cambridge and Form the Future educational team, created the PWIS as part of an ongoing mission of promoting interest in vision science and providing opportunities for students to gain exposure to research at the highest level. The scholarship awarded to individuals undertaking a science related Extended Project Qualification following rigorous application rounds.

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