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Our areas of funding - Research

Funding research is imperative in order to learn more about illnesses and treatments - there is still a lot to find out the eye and the conditions that cause loss of sight.

Our goal is to support Cambridge as a Centre of Excellence for eye and vision research.

Cambridge Eye Trust has very close connections to the University of Cambridge. In its Constitution it pledges to fund research undertaken by the Professor of Ophthalmology and give monies through the Dickinson Fellowship.

Help us to continue funding this important medical research.

Cambridge University* - Glaucoma and beyond
We are pleased to say that we are supporting this University funding. Some remarkable findings have already been uncovered. For those interested in the research we advise visiting the University website for the latest information.
The following only highlight the key areas:

1. Stem cells as a potential treatment for glaucoma

2. Mechanisms of axonal injury in glaucoma

3. The role of disrupted axonal transport in glaucoma

4. Neurotrophic factor therapy for glaucoma

5. Improving RPE cell transplantation by modulation of integrins

6. Role of activated retinal glia in survival and regeneration of retinal neurons

* Cambridge University Ophthalmology Departments and Addenbrooke's Clinical Departments have strong relationships with, but not part of the Cambridge Eye Research Centre.